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Product Sourcing

Relationships with a variety of manufacturers allow us to customize the best fit of product production to your specific needs.


We can help develop and refine your product portfolio and fill the gaps in your selection process.

Market and Product Development

We can help you navigate the optimal market entry for your products, help to mitigate your costs in supply chain procurement, and assist in developing your go-to-market planning.

We have decades of experience in product development and category management and can assist you in the initial selections as well as long-term; maintaining a fresh product portfolio that regularly introduces new and improved assortments.

Consierge Consultancy


We're your experienced liaison whether you are a manufacturer looking for new OEM customers or a marketing company in need of a supplier.


We facilitate for you--- always discreet, thorough, and in your best interests.

Your Surrogate Representative

We can represent your interests in a variety of situations, and

we hold ourselves and our partners to the highest ethical standards at all times.

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