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Kenneth F. Fey
Founder and Principal

"My passion has always been building disruptive brands in crowded marketspaces.

We utilize globally-vetted manufacturers with scalable capacities 

and create unique value propositions for new and growing brands."


We specialize in creating OEM private label offerings in the plumbing products space.


With over thirty years experience as a high-profile executive in the Plumbing Products Industry, we offer our clients a well-rounded view of go-to-market strategies and insightful consultation ranging from product sourcing and selection, private-label branding, and supply chain entry for manufacturers.

Hard-won, bench-marking prowess gleaned from a portfolio of leading public-company brands and private equity start-ups.

Fey Global Sourcing offers a unique edge in  the competitive world of brand-building, commercial distribution, and retail commerce. 

Bringing to market national brands of kitchen and bath sinks, faucets, accessories, shower bases, tub and shower enclosures, and a wide assortment of plumbing specialties.

Your confidential procurement source for decorative and rough plumbing products used in 

residential, hospitality, and commercial applications.

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